My new weekly routine

So now that I am entering my third week in Cuenca, I am beginning to feel at home and have fully adjusted (at least to the best of my new knowledge) to my new routine. The process of finally feeling at home wasn't always the easiest process, for example the late night taxi rides trying to find my way home as I akwardly mutter "a la derecha" (to the right) or "a la izquierda" (to the left). Or, the other night when my fellow OU classmate came over and I tried to tell that I liked her makeup but instead of makeup, which in spanish is maquillaje, I said, "I like your mantequilla" which means "I like your butter". With time and patience, a feeling of calmness and peace has engulfed me. So, what is a normal day like for me in Cuenca? Well, every weekday morning I awake at approximately 6:30. After getting out of bed and getting ready, I head to downstairs where a delicious breakfast awaits me. Each morning for breakfast, I have a mixture of fruit, yogurt, coffee, and bread. After breakfast, my neighbor and OU classmate Lilly and I being our 30 minute walking adventure to CEDEI. Every morning, we are greeted by the smells of local panaderias (bread shops, yellow taxis playfully honking their horns, school children clasping their mother's hand, people on their way to work, and early risers in the park beginning their exercise routines. Once we have made our way through Parque de la Madre and finally across the river, we head up the stairs into "Old Cuenca" walk two more blocks, make a right onto Luis Cordero and finally enter the doors of CEDEI. CEDEI is two story institution of higher learning that is absolutely gorgeous. With European inspired architecture, a friendly staff, and small crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, CEDEI is a small, but prominent institution where I feel less like a student and more like a explorer from the 17th century. Normal afternoon classes of philosophy or economics, have now been replaced by ceramics and dance. CEDEI has allowed me to exercise my creative talents outside of just writing papers, while still being able to learn along the way.
After my morning classes are over, I then walk back to my house and eat lunch with my family. Lunch usually consists of soup, fruit juice (the fruit juices are the best because everyday there is a new one and they are always so fresh), and the main dish. Once lunch is over, I usually have a couple of hours to myself. During most of the afternoons, I return to CEDEI where I either attend lectures or an afternoon activity.
Ecuador has been absolutely wonderful thus far on my journey. There is still so more that I have to tell you about my adventures! Please continue to check out my blog :)

Peace and Love,


Outside of CEDEI


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