Last Sunday my OU classmates and I boarded our small 16 passenger short bus for a day for an afternoon of exploring Ingapirca. Ingapirca is the name of Incan ruins that lie approximately 1 1/2 hours outside of Cuenca. Not to be confused with the Incans, Ingapirca was also home to the Canaris (the name of another indigenous tribe that was prominent before the Incans). This day of exploring the Ingapirca was one of the best days I have had yet in Ecuador! It was so picturesque and absolutely stunning.
Before arriving in Ecuador, I had envisioned a country of serene lush green mountains with llamas and indigenous people quietly sowing the fields. The journey to Ingapirca was the perfect vision of the Ecuador I had imagined. The best part of the tribe was the Incan face. Carved into the side of a mountain, is the face of the Incan. The cool thing about this mountain is that the face is purely coincidental. No machines were used to constuct the face, it is purely an act of nature.


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