All my bags are packed, I am ready to go

Sorry for the delay everyone. Nadine and I have had one hectic quarter. Now that we are finally finished, we are ready to give our attention once again to our blog. While many things have happened this quarter, I have decided what I am most excited about is two travel opporutunities that are approaching quickly. The first is the two week trip to Nha Trang Vietnam that I, along with the Global Leadership Center, will be leaving for this Friday, November 27th. The second is a ten week study abroad program in Cuenca, Ecuador.
While some people tend to associate Vietnam with death and destruction, I am proud to be able to debunk this preconceived notion. After working with students at Nha Trang University, I have come to realize that these students are some of if not the kindest people I have ever been blessed enough to meet. Apart from the kindness of the people, Vietnam is a beautiful country with crystal clear oceans, majestic mountains, and state of the art hotels. The Global Leadership Center first year students will be working with nine businesses in Vietnam. My business in JSC Nautral Cosmetics; and my teammates and I are researching how employee morale can be improved at the company.
I am so excited to travel to Vietnam. Seriously, words cannot even come close to describing the emotions that I feel. Aside from Vietnam, I applied to study abroad in Cuenca, Ecuador during spring quarter. It took a lot of decision on my part to decide if I would be able to go. Thoughts of guilt plagued me as I mulled the decision on whether or not I should go. Although I have commitements on campus that at times make me guilty on leaving for a quarter, I have decided that if I don't go this year I may never go.
This leads me to my question of the day- Does it hurt someone's goals or provide opporutunities to study abroad for a quarter? I feel that it is only going to provide opporutunities and allow me to grow as a person. For those of you who have any desire to study abroad, I suggest that you do it while you can. Who knows if you do not go you may be wondering in a couple of year... What if I would have gone?
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I will post a new blog post after returning everyone. As always, peace and love!


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